CUP Intro
29 October 2013

(CCUP alias CUP)

Civilization Clone Unity Project


It has been in my mind for a long time now. Some kind of game designer dream : always (too) ambitious and a little crazy, but terribly tempting : clone civilization using Unity, and correct the flaws of this wonderful brand.  Nothing easy here, I’m just starting and I already know that it’s going to take years of my life, especially as (for the moment) a side project, with only me on board. So, one could ask, why lose so much time on such an ambitious project if the civilization games are so cool ?

Well, there are a lot of things to say about this, but let’s start from the beginning. Here is what I plan for CUP :


  • CUP will be free and open sourced. Basically, a premium version with premium graphics and special features will be available. The features will then be merged in the open sourced version (with a slight delay, 1 or 2 months). Naturally, bugs and gameplay problems will be fixed in the free and premium versions, without delay. I will give details about this in a first small article.


  • CUP will be heavily moddable. That’s one of the most important long term decision for this project : my plan for CUP is a long term one, so an accessible and powerful modding system is paramount. This will be the second article in this serie.


  • CUP will be multi-platform. I know that I may hurt some PC gamers here : there is no reason to leave now. Please, stay. What I mean here is that the game will be able to run on Windows, Mac, Linux and tablets. I do think that Civilization-like games are perfectly fitted for those devices, with the appropriate UI. Working with Unity will help me to achieve this faster and better than by myself.


Grand opening
29 October 2013

Fnatic.EU has just defeated Liquid to secure themselves a spot in the loser bracket final of The Defense 3. Fnatic.EU guaranteed themselves a third spot finish while Liquid settled for fourth place.

Fnatic.EU is through to The Defense Lower Bracket Finals after defeating Team Liquid 2-0. They will move on to face Team Dignitas with the winner of that match proceeding to the Grand Final.

With the win against the Americans last night, Fnatic.EU is guaranteed at least $3,500, for a third place finish and have the possibility to advance to take on Virtus Pro in the Grand Final. Team Liquid are eliminated from The Defense putting an end to.


pierrick's verdict 75 / 100


map Eador Genesis : A 2009 old looking game

Choosing a game for my first review was not easy. I was first planning to focus on something appealing, with a fanbase and gamers expecting its release, as Europa Universalis IV, but as I have still a lot to learn about reviewing I decided to train myself on a less known but more original game, Eador Masters of the broken world.

EMBW is a pure indie product : sequel of Eador Genesis, released in 2009 and an one man work (Alexey Bokulev), this sequel main goal is to update the graphics and UI to a more standard level. Alexey is not a complete stranger in the design world (you can find an interview here) and worked during 7 years at GCS Games World, the studio behind S.T.A.L.K.E.R and Cossacks. After 3 years of work and the release of Eador Genesis Alexey joined Snowbird in 2010 and started to work on this sequel. From Alexey himself, Eador is an hybrid between strategy classics, including Sid Meier’s Civilization and Heroes of Might and Magic and, to be fair, the mix is quite interesting. (more…)